Control-Focused Gaming Mouse Pad – SPRINT
Using the military-grade Cordura® fabric, the SPRINT is designed especially for high-resolution gaming mice. The tracking surface offers medium static frictional force and low dynamic frictional force which allows smooth and light glide with great stopping power for controlled movement.
Comes in four different sizes, the SPRINT offers superb durability with high resistance against abrasion, tearing and scratching. In addition, the surface is specially treated to provide water resistance and the natural rubber base provides extraordinary anti-slip strength.



Anti-fray stitched edge to ensure durability.



The Cordura® fabric offers extreme resistance to abrasion and tearing while being flame retardant and aqua-phobic, offering ultimate durability.


Award-winning high-durable fabric that provides optimal gliding speed & control friction.


  Sprint S Sprint M Sprint L Sprint L SLIM
Size: 380 x 260(mm) 450 x 410(mm) 900 x 410(mm) 900 x 300(mm)
Thicknes : 3 mm 3 mm 3 mm 3 mm
Anti-Fray Edge : Yes Yes Yes Yes
OS : No OS requirement
Software No software requirement
Sprint S
Wicked Bunny Sprint S Mouse Pad x 1
Sprint M
Wicked Bunny Sprint M Mouse Pad x 1
Sprint L
Wicked Bunny Sprint L Mouse Pad x 1
Sprint L SLIM
Wicked Bunny Sprint L SLIM Mouse Pad x 1