About Wicked Bunny

Traditionally, gamers used to be often misjudged as being geeky and nerdy, but NOT ANYMORE!

A new gaming era is now here! Gaming is celebrated and gamers loved and respected!

GAME WITH STYLE! This is the slogan of which Wicked Bunny was born to embrace this new era! Here at Wicked Bunny, we aim to offer you, the modern gamers with stylish and trendy gaming gears with actual core gaming features, making you the new generation of stylish hardcore gamers!

Wicked Bunny offers three main commitments:

  1. No marketing gimmick; focus on core gaming features and enhancements.

  2. Offers high technical performance, with affordable pricing.

  3. Stylish and wicked designs.

Contact Us

Wicked Bunny by Verico International Co., Ltd.

12F-6., No.872, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)